Mixtape 2013 by United Forces (download)

uf mixtape 2014[ελ.] Ανοίξαμε ξαφνικά τα μέιλ του εγχειρήματος και βρήκαμε ένα mixtape με την ένδειξη “Για το freequency.gr από τους United Forces” και μέσα ένα ηλεκτρονικό γράμμα που μας περιέγραφαν πως και έφτιαξαν πάλι μία συλλογή και την μοιράστηκαν μαζί μας.

Θέλουμε να ευχαριστήσουμε τους γονείς μας, τα αδέρφια μας, τους συντρόφους μας και κυρίως το freequency.gr που μας δίνει και φέτος την ευκαιρία να δείξουμε πόσο αυτιστικοί μουσικόφιλοι είμαστε φτιάχνοντας ένα mixtape με τα (κατά τη γνώμη μας πάντα) καλύτερα τραγούδια από 30 εξαιρετικές κυκλοφορίες του 2013. Προφανώς και η συλλογή κατεβαίνει ελεύθερα και ακούγεται με σύνεση. Pain is addicted to pain.

Παρακάτω ακολουθούν αναλυτικά τα τραγούδια και οι πληροφορίες:

[eng.] Checking our email account we were stunned when we found a mixtape under the subject “For freequecny.gr by United Forces“. In the mail body the two scums are describing why they have made this mixtape and why they have sent it to us.

We would like to thank our parents, brothers and sisters, comrades and especially freequency.gr for giving us (second year in a row) the opportunity to show the world our love for extreme music. That’s why we have made this mixtape. 30 songs of 2013 that we believe are the best. And of course, the mixtape is free for everyone to download. Pain is addicted to pain.

Check below for all the necessary information:

-Download Mixtape 2013 by United Forces here-

Mixtape by United Forces –  Aris side

01 – Oathbreaker – (Beeltenis) No Rest for the Weary  (taken from the album Eros|Anteros)
02 – The Black Heart Rebellion – Animalesque (taken from the album Har Nevo)
03 – Zozobra – Born In A Blaze (taken from the album Savage Masters)
04  – Ruined Families – 208 (taken from the albumBlack Language)
05 – Lethe – Έρεβος (taken from the album Λήθη)
06 – Earth of distrust – Διαγραφή (taken from the album Victimology)
07 – Warfuck – Rondelle (taken from the album Neantification)
08 – Blockheads – Follow The Bombs (taken from the album The World Is Dead)
09 – Delete The Mass – Στάχτες (taken from the album Μάζα)
10 – Nails – Suum Cuique (taken from the album Abandon All Life)
11 – Altar Of Plagues – A Remedy and a Fever (taken from the album Teethed Glory And Injury)
12 – Beastmilk – Death Reflects Us (taken from the album Climax)
13 – Subrosa – Ghosts Of A Dead Empire (taken from the album More Constant Than The Gods)
14 – Grave Miasma – Εσχάτως (taken from the album Odori Sepulcrorum)
15 – Darkthrone – Leave No Cross Unturned (taken from the album The Underground Resistance)


Mixtape by United Forces – Gabriel side

01 – Tuber – Desert Overcrowded  (taken from the album Desert Overcrowded)
02 – Malthusian – Wraith-Plague Spore (taken from the album MMXXIII)
03 – Portal – The Back Wards (taken from the album Vexovoid)
04 – Deafheaven – Sunbather (taken from the album Sunbather)
05 – Cult of Luna – Light Chaser (taken from the album Vertikal II)
06 – Great Falls –  Replace Me with Fire (taken from the album Accidents Grotesque)
07 – Mutoid Man – Gnarcissist (taken from the album Helium Head)
08 – Steak Number Eight – Black Eyed (taken from the album The Hutch)
09 – Call Of The Void – Napalm Lungs (taken from the album Dragged Down A Dead End Path)
10 – Cloud Rat – Corner Space (taken from the album Moksha)
11 – Full Of Hell – Coven of the Larynx (taken from the album Rudiments of Mutilation)
12 – Hoax – Hide (taken from the album Hoax)
13 – Kvazar – Leap Of Faith (taken from the split album with Kratzer)
14 – Haapoja – Suuren Varjon Alla (taken from the album Haapoja)
15 – Injekting Khaos – From Wound To Scourge (taken from the album Injekting Khaos)


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