Solidarity with the 2.656 fired employees of ERT (London: reporting)

_DSC2764The Greek government announced mass layoffs and turned off all the signals of the National Broadcasting Co (ERT). 2.656 employees are rendered jobless. The building is under workers’ occupation the last few hours. ERT’s budget runs surpluses, and as a public corporation, it played a key role to the promotion and spreading of culture (3 TV channels, 9 Radio Stations, National Symphonic Orchestra and other Music Ensembles). The government’s move has been publicly supported solely by the neo-Nazi party (Golden Dawn).
This action is much more than just to “save money”, it’ s a concession of ERT to private capital and a violent attack to social and cultural conquests. The IMF’s threat legalized the government’s response as well as urgent suspensions of the law, which only remind us of a “state of exception”. ERT’s urgent privatization will be followed by others, and thus resisting to these attacks is a way to prevent this state of exception establishing itself as normality.

Solidarity Protest: Wednesday 12th of June at 5:00 pm – Greek Embassy London (Holland Park)

Solidarity from all Greek (communities) and non-Greek people all over the world, with the fired employees of ERT. – press links for Live Stream + Constant Update

Read full report in Greek in the link attached:
More info in English on the website of London Greek Radio

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