Some of excessive intelligence against excessive violence (correspondence from Turkey + pics)

clip_image015Resistance in Taksim Gezi Parkı has been continuously growing and spreading all over the country. While mainstream Turkish media has closed its eyes for its own country’s facts, foreign media has revealed brutal excessive force of Turkish police against the activists, who are peacefully resisting without any act of vandalism and provoking. In the meantime, plain-clothes policemen have walked around and get in the crowd to destroy bank ATMs and try to stir up the crowd to break down shops’ glasses, bus stops in order to justify the government’s statement, which is stressing that the resistance is illegal and they had to use the excessive force to maintain peace.

However resisters have stopped immediately the group of people, who are attacking around with the encouragement of these provocateurs, though Prime Minister Erdoğan and his media still argue that what resisters do is terrorism and needs to be stopped.

While police officers are using excessive violence against activists, they are using excessive intelligence against the government and the cops. Thus, this intelligence has reflected into the graffiti and the posters during the resistance. Here are some examples of them:

clip_image001Don’t make war, make love with me Tayyip

clip_image002For police helicopter: I dare you to land here

clip_image003Enough! I am going to call the cops

clip_image004Dear cops, your really make our eyes to water

clip_image005You cops, you are messing with a generation that beats cops in the GTA

clip_image006I couldn’t find a slogan

clip_image007You have forbidden alcohol and public has sobered up

clip_image008Spartacus, where are you?

clip_image009Welcome to the first traditional tear gas festival

clip_image010Look, what have 3-5 trees done to you

clip_image011I had breakfast, now I can fight


clip_image013 You shouldn’t have banned the last beer

clip_image014You cops sell bagel on the streets and live with your dignity. (This is a reference for some who say cops are just the workers, they are not to be blamed!)

clip_image016You didn’t need to throw tear gasses mister, we are already very emotional kids.

clip_image017I didn’t know what to write, but anarchism and all that stuff

clip_image018Don’t worry mom, we are walking all together

clip_image019Damn some stuff (People were accusing this generation to be apolitic)

clip_image020Whoever obstinate with his ass, shit his pants

clip_image021Police: I’ve just farted

clip_image022Bob Ross Erdoğan: And maybe a small shopping mall here

clip_image023Everywhere is Taksim, everywhere is resistance

clip_image024If there is no park, I’ll shit on shopping mall


clip_image026Fellows I have an exam at 2 pm, please wake me up

clip_image027 clip_image028Seems the government will shit soon, as they are farting gasses that much

clip_image029You still want 3 kids like us?

by: Aliye Tatlipinar

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