International Support: 3×3 SMIL Stereoscopy Mapping In Live (Paris – France / Oct 2013)

3x3 smil for wordpress postOn the occasion of its first audiovisual steps, the Freequency Project supports the 1st International Festival 3×3 SMIL Stereoscopy Mapping In Live, being also its chief representative in Greece. This particular link is an attempt to make the Greek audience to get to know more about the digital Visual arts field, while giving the opportunity to new VJ artists to present their work abroad (see Call for Participation). Main wish remains the contact-interaction between VJ and A/V artists in order to find new ways of expression and the development of this sector.

«These memories were not simple ones; each visual image was linked to muscular sensations, thermal sensations, etc. He could reconstruct all his dreams, all his half-dreams. Two or three times he had reconstructed a whole day; he never hesitated, but each reconstruction had required a whole day.»
Funes the Memorious, 1942 | Jorge Luis Borges [1899 – 1986]

The 3×3 SMIL Stereoscopy Mapping In Live is a natural continuation of festivals held in Argentina between 2000 and 2007: especially, the events of Festival Internacional de Arte Digital which aimed to create an interaction space between novices, artists and professionals of digital art, design, video, photography, music. As well as any other event oriented toward experimental practice (performances, installations, etc.) having a link to the audiovisual, such as multimedia production, Vj, Dj, or audiovisual creation of any kind. Each artist involved, was seeking new forms of expression. The «Festival Internacional de Arte Digital» was the first festival of this kind in Argentina, and the first real space distribution of independent Argentinean artists’ works, involved in the digitization of sound and image through various media.
In accordance with the ethics and aesthetics of digital festivals in Argentina for ten years, this 1st edition of 3×3 SMIL, Stereoscopy Mapping In Live in Paris, will have water as its emblem. Loyal to figure 3, we will highlight three of the natural elements: water, earth and air. These elements, magical screens of man before the history and his evolution, are his memory. However, despite its wealth, he strives to destroy his most precious natural resources. In this period where the planet is the largest ocean contamination, particularly following the explosion of the Fukushima nuclear plant, in Japan, it seems fundamental that artistic expression can address this ecological disaster.

||| Repercussion and Targets

The originality of 3×3 SMIL Stereoscopy Mapping In Live, lies not only in the fact that this is the first event dedicated to stereoscopy, but also in its mutant character with a concept which evolves progressively from its editions. It will listen to the various speakers, artistic proposals, new technological discoveries. 3×3 SMIL Stereoscopy Mapping In Live will be launched in France in 2013 (Cayeux Sur Mer, Deauville, Cannes, Lyon, etc.), followed by Europe (Berlin, Bilbao, Amsterdam, Milan, London, Brussels, etc.).
The 3×3 SMIL Stereoscopy Mapping In Live is open to the public, ranging from simple novice, through the passionate artists of the image, to photography and 3D video specialists. It is focused on 3D, but it is open to any artistic manifestation that could make its own media experience. Its purpose is to promote the art, aspiring artists, while inviting the public to a healthy and objective reflection on man and his environment.

||| Participations

Celia [Secret Boat – VOX] –
VJ Mushroom – [Le Club Vj]

Red Bind [aka Gilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman]
Sarah Cassenti & Mogly SpeixCuriouser&Curiouser
Brenn Daude & César Daude [Paris, France]
Joel Dittrich [Sweden]
Anna Stereopoulou [Greece]
James Taylor [United Kingdom]

More Information on HOW to APPLY:!english/c1zpr
ONLINE registration: From December 11th 2012 – Until May 25th 2013
Deadline: May 25th 2013
For more Details about the Festival, please, visit the Official Website

||| Association Concept Artgentin

In 2000, creator of the structure «Rattlesnake Multimedia Design Productora Independiente», Gabriel Otero, director in audiovisual and multimedia techniques, designer for multimedia installations, he lauches in Rosario en Argentine, the first editions of «Festival Internacional de Arte Digital». This event, the most important for the diffusion of digital art, was declared to be municipal interest by the «Honourable Concejo Deliberante» and provincial interest. Concept Artgentin is a product of Rattlesnake Multimedia Design Productora Independiente. This structure develops concepts of cultural and artistic events, regularly based on the use of digital arts and multimedia technologies.
In this new adventure, Gabriel works with his sister, Leticia Otero, living in Paris for twenty years. Professor of French and comparative literature, this Franco-Argentinian, passionate about art and culture, worked several years in a library and an art gallery in Paris, gaining the chance to also follow closely the contemporary artistic movements. She organized the Cafés Littéraires Borges, in the mythical «L’Hôtel», rue des beaux-arts in Paris (frequented by Oscar Wilde and Jorge Luis Borges), with María Kodama Borges, president of Fundación Internacional Jorge Luis Borges à Buenos Aires.

Association Concept Artgentin
Leticia Otero / Gabriel Otero

||| διαβάστε το κείμενο στα ελληνικά ~ visit the greek version of the text |||

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