Against the hurricane of repression, let’s pit the storm of solidarity!

μουστοξύδηA brief update from Greece, concerning events taking place within Greek society during the last few days, including the political climate in view of the squatting movements.

Since the end of the ’80s, the occupation of old and abandoned buildings has been used by the «disinherited» (i.e. outcasts) of the system, as centres of fighting and resistance, against a world which -since the post-political dream- tends to lean towards totalitarianism. This totalitarianism is none other than bourgeois democracy.

The squatting movements and self-organised spaces receive a heavy blow just for being what they really are; an obstacle to the onslaught, prepared by the state machine, via tough enforcement of circumstances designed for the further povertisation of society. The Law Restoration project started with the evacuation of the «Maragkopoulio» squat in the city of Patras (Peloponnese), in December 2010, it was followed by the evacuation of the «Delta» squat (Athens) in September 2011 and it was culminated in the evacuation of the «Villa Amalias» (20/12/12), the self-managed haunt of the Athens University of Economics & Business (AUEB – ASOEE / 28/12/12), the «Patission 61 & Skaramagka» (09/01/13) and the «Lela Karagianni 37» (15/01/13) squats.

The events of the last few days, have clearly highlighted the shape of what wants to be defined as absolute axiomatic truth; bourgeois democracy. It would be wise to bear in mind that the latter and its products, such as for example an individual’s civil and human rights -selectively protected and in hierarchical order, placing ownership of private property foremost-  is not at all obvious.

Viewing and projecting these as unquestionable truths, is one way of imposing them without negotiation.
Although the primary way, which has always supported them, is the one recently ‘served raw’ by our bourgeois democracy; repressive violence.

It is about a totally unprecedented and determined attack. The suppressive mechanism resonated well and within only a few hours it hit its target. This attack constitutes criminalization of resistance, aiming -not necessarily ultimately- at the criminalization of dissent or the penalisation of difference.

The attack mentioned above does not only concern two historical squats in the centre of Athens. It concerns every collectivity that seeks to function and express itself freely, actively demonstrating that there are alternate ways of existing socially and politically.

Bourgeois society -which cannot reproduce itself- is prone to totalitarianism, creating an “emergency” state and sending an almost militaristic, Hollywood-like message.

The sole truth does not exist. It is re-invented as truth and labeled as unique so that you are ashamed or afraid to doubt it. It is not something new… These features are part of our polity’s structure; the events merely act as a reminder.

Every opinion, every opposition, every action must be vented through fully controlled governmental channels. Any other version is dangerous and ends up on the receiving end of a savage attack on the two levels we described earlier: that of the spectacle (through gagging and slandering) and the other through existence itself (repressive violence).

As a self-organised project we wish to exist on both levels; within our own channel of expression and on the streets, against their ‘raw’ violence.

The squats of «Villa Amalias», «Patission & Skaramagka», «Lela Karagianni», «ASOEE», the arrested people of the squats and the thousands of protesters in solidarity, are all of us!

…the Editorial Team of the Freequency Project

athens - greece - protest [12.01.2013]


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